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The Bear Tavern Brawl was first run to settle the many disputes that erupted in the Bear Tavern between patrons.  Over the years, The Bear Tavern Brawl has evolved to become one of the most recogniseable and venerable of the Novian fighting tournaments, attracting both fighters and spectators from across the known world.

The Bear Tavern Brawl is synonymous with the world-class Victory Arena of Beran's Reach.  However, the brawl on occasion is taken to other venues across the Beran League as part of tournaments and exhibition matches.

As well as the fights themselves, Bear Tavern Brawls often attract a range of supporting activities and entertainments including food, drink, entertainers and all-manner of vendors, making each Brawl a truly special event.  

Overarching rules

  • No combatant or spectator may enter the arena without permission, else they may be subject to disqualification or removal from the grounds.
    • The arena is defined as the ground within the walls.
  • No external help during a match is permitted.
  • The decisions of the referee are final.


  • Combatants may apply via either the forums, or, direct by adding their names to the lists.
  • Once a combatant has added their names to the list, they are expected to honour their pledge and attend.  Non-attendance may result in exclusion from further events.
  • Combatants are expected to be punctual.  Combatants who are either late, or who do not present themselves for the arena when called, may be identified as ‘not attended’ and therefore subject to the above.

On 1v1 matches

  • Permitted forms of combat
    • All one-handed and two-handed weapons are permitted.
    • Long-ranged weapons are permitted.
    • All forms of magic are permitted.
  • On entering the arena and before the match
    • The combatants will enter the arena and proceed to the markers specified.
    • Both combatants will salute the referee, who shall return the salute.
    • Both combatants will then turn to each other and salute.
    • Both combatants will then formalise a duel, waiting for the command to start when the referee shouts ‘Begin’.
  • After the match
    • Both combatants will return to their positions and will salute each other as a matter of courtesy.  
    • The combatants will then leave the arena in an orderly manner.